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You may find that you can find the answer to your question by looking at the information and guidance on our national website.  On this page we also have some Frequently Asked Questions with local links which may help you. If you have not found an answer by the time you reach the end or if you would prefer to contact us directly - then you can complete the contact form below and we will respond within three working days, or telephone us on Adviceline 03444 111 444, or visit one of our offices.

  • Where can I get help with a problem at work?-  work problem
  • How do I raise a grievance at work?- work problem
  • How do I deal with disciplinary action taken against me at work?- Dealing with disciplinary action
  • I’ve been dismissed, I think it’s unfair, what are my rights?- Dismissal
  • I’ve been made redundant, what can I do?- Redundancy
  • My employer has gone out of business, what are my rights? Gov.UK
  • My employer hasn’t paid my wages, what should I do?- AdviceGuide PDF
  • Where can I check that I am paying/ my employer is paying the right tax?- How to pay tax
  • My employer owes me money, how do I take court action against them?- AdviceGuide PDF
  • My employer wants to change my contract, what can I do?- Problems at work
  • I think I’m being discriminated against, who can I contact?-EASS (equalityadvisory& supportservice)
  • What action must I take before taking a case to Employment Tribunal?- Employment tribunal
  • What is an Employment Tribunal?- Employment tribunal
  • How do I start an Employment Tribunal claim?- Starting tribunal claim
  • I’m off sick from my work, what are my rights?- Sickness absence
  • What paid holidays am I entitled to?- Paid holidays
  • How do I calculate holiday entitlement?- Gov.UK
  • I’m pregnant, how do I find out what my rights are?- Gov.UK
  • Can I ask for flexible working hours?- Rights at work
  • How do I start my own business?- Gov.UK
  • I want to become self-employed, where can I find help?- Self employment
  • Do I need a work visa?- Gov.UK
  • What government schemes exist to help people find work? What government schemes exist to help disabled people to find work and make specialist adaptations to the workplace?- Govt employment schemes
  • Where can I find out information on training courses?- National Careers Service
  • I am disabled and have trouble getting into work, is there any help available?- Gov.UK

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If you have not found the answer you are looking for and would like some direct help on Employment matters from one of our advisors - then please complete the form below so that we have enough information to be able to help. Your information is held in a secure place and kept confidential

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